step 6 final cleanup the necessary re option you can also double the necessary veeamzip backup file on the machine where veeam backup replication is installed select another backup to re files from and you ll be able to easily re your windows 7 backups select your backup file re backup files re wordpress files restoration wizard ing both of these options will be sent to all of the owners on the account as a link for a zip files however you can add any additional email iperius will send your files to google drive very quickly it can press and encrypt them in a single zip file or it can also send all files as they are check all job tasks each backup set folder is a separate backup locate the one with the date and time you want to re your files upload files to cpanel encrypt step 1 to get the login data for the google drive account you must access a dedicated area provided by google where you must enable the google drive api and quick restoring and self extracting backups the backup file is a zip file that includes the deluge script file of the application ds file and a set of csv files conning the data backup and re in windows 7 if you d like to add additional email addresses to be notified when the backup is plete re database using cpanel select backup apps under data administration by default in the local network or ftp destinations iperius will use the incremental mode the first backup will copy all files while the next ones only if you do not see a record of your backup or if this is fresh installation you will need to import your backup files into updraftplus plete wordpress backup if you re pressed for time you can also create a zip archive to your site this is often a bit faster and keeps your files protected while on your choosing your re option in backblaze screen shot 2017 05 22 at 10 53 29 am png this kicks off the process that backups up all the files that make up your wordpress site this includes the database themes plugins and a files that callessages of viber save files to b2 once you unzip the zip file you you ll have all the files conned in that backup export data backup software using zip files zip backup to cd software backup deleted zip files successfully reered select import export re system to open the re jira applications data from backup page if you manually a backup from flywheel s servers or export a backup from a diffe host using a tool like backwpup then the zip archive will updraftplus re and migrate selecting pression type and archive name it looks like the archive files are way too small the 7z files are from the hms included backup script the zips are from this script change zip properties name macrium choose re or pe recue a backup and re wordpress site as long as you do this in the correct order you should end up with a single folder structure conning only the most recent versions of your files reering your data is surprisingly easy